Bevel Gearbox ZZ-Universal-Line

Every ZZ bevel gear unit is fitted with a palloid-spiral bevel gear assembly.
Our bevel gear units are distinguished by their fully machined rectangular housings. All screw jointed faces have threaded holes. The lubrication level and supply holes are variably located according to the installed position. The gearboxes are designed and sold as incomplete machinery according to the Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament.

ZZ_KegelradgetriebeDesign sizes:8 (K080/K110/K140/K170/K210/K260/K330/K440)
Assemblies:more then 100
Power:upto 500kW
Torque:upto 7000Nm
Transmission ratio:1:1 to 5:1 speed increasing upon request
Versions:ZZ-Universal-Line®: with Palloid Gears lapped in pairs
ZZ-Precision-Line®: with HPG-S gears, excellent torsion play
Technical DataOptions/Accessories:- base plates / corner feet
- lifetime lubrication
- motor flange / centering flange
- special transmission ratios