CT GROUP THROUGH THE NEWLY FORMED “MANX SRL” TOGETHER WITH THE ANXXA SRL FINALIZES THE ACQUISITION OF ZZ-ANTRIEBE GMBH THAT WILL CHANGE HIS NAME WITH ZZ-DRIVETECH GMBH On December 23rd, 2015 the CT Group announced the establishment of the association between Meccanica CT s.r.l. and ANXXA s.r.l. in the newly formed Manxx s.r.l., with which, through the subsidiary of German law ZZ-DriveTech GmbH, finalizes and signed an agreement to acquire assets owned by ZZ Antriebe GmbH, one of the oldest gearboxes companies. The ZZ-DriveTech GmbH, continuing the story of ZZ-Antriebe that originates in the design and construction of gearboxes, founded in 1912 by – spin off Zahnräderfabrik Zuffenhausen (gears company Zuffenhausen). Turnover is approximately 10 million Euro, with 70 employees. The ZZ-DriveTech GmbH is specialized in Design, Construction and Sales of Gearboxes, Servo-Gearboxes, Positioners, Intermittently Rotary Tables, Gears and Bevel Gears in the following sectors: Automotive, Rail, Aeronautical, Packaging, Machine Tools, Printing Machinery and other several fiels of Industrial Plant Engineering. The acquisition of ZZ-DriveTech GmbH opens the CT Group to the world market and places it in close proximity to its Customers in Germany strengthening the basis for future developments. The current CT Group, with this latest acquisition, has a working capacity of approximately 220 employees and establishing itself as an Industrial Group that bases its business on technological innovation of machining, always taking account of “High Customer Satisfaction.”