Indexing Tables

The perfect components for movements, cycling and positioning

ZZ-indexing tables have proven their worth in various applications as for example packing machines, print- printing machines or assembling systems. They allow a high controlled cycle time together with low maintenance effort. They are suitable for absorbing high axial forces as large torque and moments of tilt. Within dwell phase there will be an interlock which also permits sensitive process operations on the part – together with high repetition accuracy. The output shaft is provided with a machined surface to take up an assembling platform. The gearboxes are designed and sold as incomplete machinery according to the Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament

RundschalttischVersions:- type RTX version with globoid cam for accurate applications which are complex in their motion sequence, distance between axis: up to 450 mm
- type XZ version with cylinder cam with large central output hollow shaft, distance between axis: up to 615 mm
Transmissions:Freely definable (Pendulum, 2-32 stops)
Cam:through hardened and ground
Torque:upto 32.000Nm
Axial Load;upto 250kN
Options/Accessories:– worm gear units respectively gear brake motor
– lifetime lubrication
– mechanical or inductive end switches
– special drilling templates for the table top
– overload clutch
– special cams / special motion sequences
– cam sets with high accuracy
Customized Gearboxes:upon request