Spiral Bevel Gears

High-quality spiral bevel gears – core pieces of the ZZ product range

Gear components are the key items manufactured by ZZ-Antriebe GmbH. They form the basis of the success of our company. Our high quality´bevel gear wheels are produced in accordance with the Klingelnberg design and enjoy a tremendous reputation for quality. They are used in ZZ bevel, superimposed and high-speed lifting gear units. In addition our gear wheels can be optimally applied in many customeroriented applications (e. g. machine tools, textile machines, printing machines, commercial vehicles, plant construction, etc.).

Kegelradsatz KlingelnbergNormal Module mn1-70,7-131,1-13
Pressure Angle20°;(17,5°,22,5°)17,5°; 20°20°
Number of teeth4-1205-1205-120
Axis angle45-135°10-135°10-135°
Width of tooth<75mm<100mm<100mm
Quality DIN 39657-97-9(4)5-6
MaterialCase hardened, nitriding steels, as well as synthetics
Heat Treatment:Case-harden, nitride, quench and draw
Options- Splines
- Polygons
- Spurgears
- Shot peening
- Coating (z.B. Balinit)
(Values in brackets upon request)