Screw Jack Units

The well-proven gear range as the basis for lifting plant and system solutions

ZZ elevation screw gears are the ideal drive element for linear movements. With our comprehensive and functional range of accessories you can extend your plant into a complete system. In our factory in Karlsruhe produce the gearboxes and components. Consulting, design and quotation are exclusively excecuted by our sales partner:

Flohr Industrietechnik GmbH

ZZ_HubgetriebeVersions:Typ HG: Standard (Axialbewegung der Spindel)
Typ HGV: Standard mit Verdrehsicherung
Typ HL: Laufmutterausführung
Design Sizes:10
Spindle:TR 18×4 bis TR 180×18
Length upto 4m
Load:upto 10000N
Options/Accessories:– plate screw end / clevis pin /
fork screw end connections
– base plates
– bellows / conduit
– locking element
– stainless steel spindle
- Ballscrew Spindle
Customized Version:upon request